Tattocoin Standard Edition


Ticker: TSE (formerly TATO)
Algorithm: Scrypt
Address Letter: T
RPC port: 9960
P2P port: 9959
Total coin supply: 110000000
PoS 10 % reducing to 3 % in six months
Dif retarget each block
Coin maturity min 4 h
Max Unlimited
Dark gravity implemented
Auto generate conf file
3 seeded nodes

Description of Tattoocoin's Dual-Chain/Twin-Chain Wallet

What Tattoocoin has done is now incorporate a secondary "main" chain into the wallet itself
that allows both chains to run simultaneously together in a side-by-side run configuration
(accomplished by running the same wallet twice and selecting which chain you wish to be active)
or the wallet can also allow you to operate one chain at a time.
The chains do not currently interface with each other despite the fact that both can operate at the same time.
Both chains have unique merkel roots and genesis blocks.
Later on an interface feature will be added but it is not currently built.
In the meantime the chains can both stake and mine at the same time,
one chain will not interfere with the other's ability to connect to clients, stake, or mine blocks.
Also, TLE is much lighter being newer and having blocks generate with a higher spacing so in a sense it's faster than the TSE chain.
Another common misconception is that by sending TSE to the TLE chain you can "exchange" the coins,
this is simply NOT TRUE and users that attempt this will be met with the client informing them that
it cannot send coins from TSE to TLE, this prevents possible coin loss as a proper interface between the two is still in development.

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